AMBIGOU (1996) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Rotterdam.  With a grand love for image, text and movement she combines colorful characters with personal narration. She works within illustration, poetry and performance. Her many expressions are an important part of her personal voice and identity. 
Inspired by comics, tattoo's and surrealism she makes highly detailed images with bold contrasts and colors. She specializes in visual reports, murals and spoken word performance. pivotal in her work are themes such as sexuality, mental health and urban life.
in 2022 she graduated from Willem de Kooning academie, ba illustration. currently she is working as a fulltime freelance artist while further investigating cross forms between poetry and illustration.
selected clients
all caps / rewriters
stichting de zoek naar schittering
partij voor de dieren rotterdam
stichting Delftsche opera
stichting Dona daria
theater Rotterdam
blue city lab
vers beton
finalist poetryslam Rotterdam, 2024​​​​​​​
 winner aanmoedigingsprijs cultureel ondernemerschap, 2023
finalist poetryslam Rotterdam, 2023
Photo's by: Rosa Quist (Left) and Fred Ernst (Right)
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